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SEO | Search Engine Optimization

SEO is often called “organic” marketing and is the process of getting your site to rank highly for specific keywords in the various search engines around. Our creative staff will help you optimize your online content to not just achieve high search rankings, but to also convert the traffic you receive from these rankings into profit. We combine link building strategies (using directories, articles, social bookmarking, etc.) with the site content optimization techniques that will ensure that your site stands out from the crowd. We have a proven track-record in this field and we believe that bringing a more human element to our content is what makes us unique.

Social Marketing

With the wave of sites such as Twitter and Facebook, social marketing is bigger than ever.  The idea of "Viral" marketing means that links can now be shared by millions of people almost instantly.  However, this doesn't automatically translate to more profit.  We are able to optimize your site's potential through social marketing by focusing on well-produced and relevant content which we customize to match potential customers to the correct product.  With the average internet user's attention span generally decreasing, we are able capture and keep potential customer's interested with our fresh and creative approach.

PPC | Pay Per Click Management

Internet marketing works best when you combine organic (SEO) marketing techniques with paid advertising.  We use top analytic programs as well as our vast knowledge and experience, to make sure you are getting the most out of your Pay-Per-Click advertising.  PPC advertising is usually the quickest way to get visitors to your site, but more visitors doesn't always guarantee more sales.  The key is to make sure you are catering to the right people in the right way.  This is only possible by using the correct terminology and keywords, and by also maintaining the correct negative keywords.  This will ensure that you will not just be paying for clicks, but investing in potential profit generation.

Affiliate Program Management

Online affiliate programs are often thought of as a quick and easy way to make some extra money on your site, but this is only true when they are managed properly. Using affiliate marketing improperly can not only result in less income, but can become detrimental to other important aspects of your site, including rankings and site authority. We have over ten years of experience with internet affiliate marketing, and know the correct way to help you start making money right away. We know how to not only get potential customers to your site, but what tricks are necessary to guarantee they’ll make purchases after being referred by your site.

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